Seeing Your Way to a Solution

Hunter Adams checked himself into a mental hospital. That’s where he met Arthur Mendelson, a fellow patient in the film Patch Adams. Here is the scene where Hunter Adams gets his nickname and so much more from an unlikely teacher.

(The movie clip features Robin Williams and is a short 3 minutes.)

My favorite line is…
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Practicing What Really Influences Your Practice

Kendra paid the price to learn her profession. After eight years in medical school followed by residency she board certified in the practice of medicine. Her patients love her. But it’s not because of her qualifications.

Tom paid a similar price to learn his profession. Six years of undergraduate and graduate studies preceded a year of intense study to pass the bar exam. …
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Stopping the Bear That’s Chasing You

Dr. Lambert walked into the consultation room to meet with Mr. Jones’ family. “I’m sorry, the news isn’t good. Your Dad won’t be back.”

“But can’t we do something else?” Susan begged the doctor, “There MUST be something more…” her voice faded as she fought back the emotion of the moment.

“We’ve done everything we can…”

“But what if he rallies?” Mark interrupted,…
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The Most Changeable Cause of High Employee Turnover

“Good morning,” Bill said with as big a smile as he could muster.  “Allow me to introduce Tim Smith. Tim is a very successful and talented account manager coming to us from our Florida market. Tim, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?”

Immediately Penny was lost in thought, “I wonder how long this guy will last? He looks sharp….
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This Might Not Be for You 

This morning “The Funk” stood by my bedside as I woke up. No, I wasn’t frightened or afraid. Funk’s mission was to block my path with a “dejected mood.” No real reason.

You see, Funk loves it when we shrink from doing life or facing the day with hope, purpose, and positivity. Thankfully, it’s quite rare in my experience. Of course, it was totally unexpected and an uninvited visit….
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When your body speaks louder than words…

Patrick left the meeting with Rebecca a bit confused. “Why does it feel like Rebecca doesn’t mean what she says?” he asked his teammate Gloria.

“I know.  Half the time, I feel like she hasn’t heard a word I’ve said. It’s like her mouth is moving, but her eyes are somewhere else.”

“I can’t put my finger on it … we just … don’t connect.”

You’re speaking two…
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Get Your Wasted Time Back

Okay, I admit it, I’m not a fan of Daylight Saving Time. I wish our clocks could be left alone, aligned with high noon.

There’s little evidence DST achieves its primary goal of energy savings.  According to the Lost Hour costs the…
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