What Have You Forgotten?



“What do you do at work?” Howard’s daughter asked.

“I work at the college. My job is to teach people how to draw.”

Staring at him with the wide eyes and mature curiosity of a 7-year-old she had to know, “You mean they forget?”

Do you remember?

Given the pace of your life, the chaos of work, and the distractions of our information…

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What Does Your Team Say About Your Leadership?


Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors faced Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Not only is this leader a rookie head coach, but this is actually his first season as a coach at any level.

Golden State has waited forty years for this moment with a championship on the line. His team was down 2 – 1 against the Cleveland Cavaliers.  So, what would you do if…

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What’s Your Pain Tolerance?


Growing pains are often experienced by children and teenagers supposedly when they are growing fast. According to the Mayo Clinic

Growing pains tend to affect both legs and occur at night. In many instances, growing pains will wake a child from sleep. The term “growing pains” may be a misnomer because there’s no evidence that growth hurts.

While there may be “no evidence that growth hurts” in…

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The Third Option During Conflict

Open Rak Tia flickr

“What’s one of your key takeaways from our time together?” I asked Bill.

“In the past, my mindset was ’just send a memo.’ Now, my goal is to lead by engaging people. Sure, some decisions are directive by nature, but now I see that those situations are limited … especially, when there is high stress or conflict.”

It’s natural

With a stressed relationship, it’s easy…

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Why Leadership is Such a Paradox

Paradox Anders Sandberg flickr

Think about the number of times your instinctive response doesn’t help you when it comes to leadership. Someone’s performance misses the mark. You can yell, “That was stupid!” or engage them in dialog by asking open-ended questions. Or how about this one, you’ve got too much on your plate to do, but you can’t bring yourself to delegate.

In each of these instances what’s required for leadership seems…

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How to Support Your Productivity

Focus Peter Thoeny flickr

I was on my way to see Wendell. Riding the elevator to the 7th floor, I wasn’t sure what to expect. His wife Bonnie, his son Kent, and other family members were there, too. Wendell was one of those great individuals who loved life, loved people, and everyone else loved—for over 92 years.

His battle with cancer intensified, and it was now apparent that he was living his last weeks…

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Why Personal Conflict is so Easy 

Wally Gobetz NYC SoHo flickr

Why did you not finish the paperwork?” Bill demanded.

“It was my intention…” Sarah began.

“You know how important timely documentation is, not only for the record, but the success of our team!”

“Yes, and if I may explain…” Bill walked out of Sarah’s office.

Something happens

It begins when your expectation isn’t fulfilled. Frustration is natural and depending on a variety of circumstances easily slips into anger….

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