How to Support Your Productivity

I was on my way to see Wendell. Riding the elevator to the 7th floor, I wasn’t sure what to expect. His wife Bonnie, his son Kent, and other family members were there, too. Wendell was one of those great individuals who loved life, loved people, and everyone else loved—for over 92 years.

His battle with cancer intensified, and it was now apparent that he was living his last weeks…
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Why Personal Conflict is so Easy 

Why did you not finish the paperwork?” Bill demanded.

“It was my intention…” Sarah began.

“You know how important timely documentation is, not only for the record, but the success of our team!”

“Yes, and if I may explain…” Bill walked out of Sarah’s office.

Something happens

It begins when your expectation isn’t fulfilled. Frustration is natural and depending on a variety of…
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Three Voices that Affect Your Results

The Wall Street Journal headline announces “U.S. Productivity Falls 1.9% in First Quarter.” What if your personal productivity made the headlines, how would it read?

There is a battle associated with your ability to work efficiently and enjoy life harmony. There are three voices that influence your thinking about the work you do each day.

  • The…
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  • How to Win on One of Those Days 

    Your long awaited vacation is mere days away. Carly Simon’s hit song, “Anticipation” — although unrelated to your life — becomes your theme song.

    You imagine sunrise walks with stunning picture-perfect moments … moments when you devour delicious local food; so fresh, so good. Calmed by the sounds of nature, you plan to power up with an afternoon nap.

    How do you feel?

    But, (don’t you hate it when…
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    Seeing Your Way to a Solution

    Hunter Adams checked himself into a mental hospital. That’s where he met Arthur Mendelson, a fellow patient in the film Patch Adams. Here is the scene where Hunter Adams gets his nickname and so much more from an unlikely teacher.

    (The movie clip features Robin Williams and is a short 3 minutes.)

    My favorite line is…
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    Practicing What Really Influences Your Practice

    Kendra paid the price to learn her profession. After eight years in medical school followed by residency she board certified in the practice of medicine. Her patients love her. But it’s not because of her qualifications.

    Tom paid a similar price to learn his profession. Six years of undergraduate and graduate studies preceded a year of intense study to pass the bar exam. …
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    Stopping the Bear That’s Chasing You

    Dr. Lambert walked into the consultation room to meet with Mr. Jones’ family. “I’m sorry, the news isn’t good. Your Dad won’t be back.”

    “But can’t we do something else?” Susan begged the doctor, “There MUST be something more…” her voice faded as she fought back the emotion of the moment.

    “We’ve done everything we can…”

    “But what if he rallies?” Mark interrupted,…
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