The Hidden Reward of Taking Breakthrough Medicine

NEC Mecial 137.jpg

On May 27th, I wrote, “This extended season of testing has me fighting to keep confident, living by faith and encouraged. It feels like my efforts are powerless in creating new business. I’m struggling…just seems like dead ends.”

How often have you felt like that?

I’ve coached so many times about the work that Pain does in The Four Stages of Change Leading to a…

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Will You Exit Your Comfort Zone?

Steve with Jake and Rex Williams SunPop Austin



In the video, I update you on a recent trip to Wizard Academy to produce a video. Yes, it’s part of The Year of Adventure – 2015. While driving to Austin, I thought about how my Story and trip illustrates “The Four Stages of Change Leading to a Breakthrough.”

The Next Level Journey is about your trip from here to there. It requires you to leave…

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Taking Your Team From Sickly Child to Performance Specimen

Joseph Pilates

In 1883, Joe started life as a sickly child. Born in Germany, his father became a prize-winning gymnast, and his mother worked as a naturopath.  But Joe suffered from asthma, rickets, and rheumatic fever.  As a child he obsessed about the “perfect body,” and decided to do something about it. By age 14, his physique was so good he was posing for anatomical charts.

“I must be…

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The Low Cost of Personal Growth

THINK stop sign

It arrived in the morning mail. Stamped on the envelope:

“It doesn’t cost much to leave it all behind.”

Jim Berra’s letter addressed one of my life challenges: finding the perfect vacation. Jim offered an alternative — ditch the stress and head straight for fun. To further help me out, he suggested an easy and value-driven action step:

“Book now … save up to 20%.”

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What Those Notifications Really Do to You

Switch by PLaying Futures Applied

Erin and Fred checked their email courtesy of Starbucks. The past few days they were disconnected from technology for a much needed get-away.

“Your attention, please,” the overhead page seeks another weary traveler’s attention.“This is the final boarding call for flight 372A to Kansas City. Passengers Erin and Fred Collins please proceed to gate 3 for flight 372A to Kansas City. The doors of the aircraft will close…

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Building the Most Often Neglected Muscle…

Don’t say, “I’m toning my body,” to a true bodybuilder. Even if they don’t use words, the condescending looks on their face will scream lack of respect.  Bodybuilders build their body for a lot of reasons. But building muscle is the focus, not toning.

I’m not a bodybuilder. (Anyone who’s met me is nodding vigorously).  I don’t even qualify for body toning. (More vigorous nodding).  I probably…

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Seeing More than a Collision

Photo by Sonny Abesamis

The stop light says, “Go” at 71st and Sheridan. But before accelerating you look both ways for the driver who didn’t beat the yellow light. Defensive driving, we call it. It’s defined as “driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of conditions around you and the actions of others.” The aim is to reduce the risks of accidents by “anticipating dangerous situations.”

Defensive driving is…

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