Why Trying to Control Doesn’t Work

“Look, I just want to do my job and want everyone on the team to do what they’re supposed to do. What’s wrong with that?” Robin asked defensively.

“What happens when they don’t do what you want them to do?” I probed.

“Well, I’m frustrated … so frustrated that I either react or just do it myself….
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What if you’ve been burned?

For some it’s a tradition – deep-fried turkey – for others it’s a costly and painful accident. They get burned!

Speaking of pain, did you know Texas wins the dubious title of: most grease and cooking-related accident claims on Thanksgiving Day? According to State Farm Insurance the top five are Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and…
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Gratitude the Grease for Life

This week, I offer a quick reminder in support of your Thanksgiving Day celebration. Actually, this simple exercise is effective whenever you need to shift your thinking about your Story or someone in your Story.

Perhaps you are frustrated because of unfulfilled expectations. Maybe you dropped the ball or missed the mark. Or something happened in your Story that “isn’t fair.”

Create space…
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The Shift Teams Fail to Make

“It’s been another great month,” Tom reported to his managers. “Sales hit their numbers plus 3% … way to go Luke.”

“Thanks, Tom. I’m excited we exceeded October’s budget,” Luke beamed. “The guys really worked hard … and that means we qualify for our quarterly bonus!”

“Yes, way to go, we all know sales’ worked really hard,” Mary muttered to herself. Silently her…
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The Silence that Kills Team Performance

“I can’t believe Matt dropped the ball again,” Sara vented after the team meeting. “Last time he did this we lost two weeks and missed our deadline. We look like we don’t know what we’re doing.”

“And, it makes me wonder why I try so hard,” Angela joined in. “At least once a week I ask … why am I killing myself if…
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The Myth of Consensus

“So we’re all in agreement with the proposed commission changes,” Julie asked her sales team. Everyone nodded without looking up from the report.

In the break room Mike dumped his cold coffee unable to hold back any longer, “Julie’s plan is really going to hurt my pay check next year. Can you believe we’re changing commission structure…again?”

“That’s how she operates,” Amy agonized….
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The Path to Engaging in Healthy Debate

Tammy slipped-in the conference room as the General Manager was about to close the door.

“Another boring meeting,” she thought, “we sit at the table together, but rarely deal with the real issues. What a waste. I’ve got too much to do.”

The agenda looked about the same with only the date changed. Tammy hoped for a different level of conversation.

The department…
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