The Foundation of Team Performance

“Samantha* is here to help us work together as a team,” Al beamed.

Samantha gazed on plastic smiles and quiet, nodding heads.  She knew their performance had been dismal.  She needed to find out if they trusted each other or were just being polite.

Following appropriate niceties, Samantha went for the breakthrough exercise. “For our first activity, I want you to go around the room and tell…
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The Superglue of Team Performance

As Darren Hardy sits with one of America’s most powerful businesswomen he asks, “What is the number one contributing factor to all the success you’ve had?”

His guest is co-chair of Disney Media Networks and president of ABC Television, one of the largest and most recognized conglomerates in the world.

“The number one key to success, here at Disney and really in every business, is the…
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The Secret Behind a Magic Rubber Bracelet

Sitting in an Italian restaurant David Sedaris was having lunch with a woman named Lesley. As she pushed back her sleeve to reach for an olive he noticed a rubber bracelet on her wrist.

“Is that a watch?”

“No, it’s a Fitbit. Sync it with your computer and it tracks your physical activity.”

With a tap the thickest part turned into a dazzling show of glowing dots,…
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Why You Don’t Show Up On-Time

“We need to be on the road by 9:00 a.m.,” Rita reminded me. It was Father’s Day so we planned a trip to Southeast Kansas.

Grabbing a few extra minutes, we sat on the patio sipping Sumatra coffee. With our recent schedule we soaked up the moment.

The spring flowers danced pink, yellow, purple, and shades of green throughout our backyard paradise. Japanese Koi glided through the crystal clear…
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Creating Space Doesn’t Just Improve Performance at Work…

Like kids anticipating summer break we arrived in Southern California. A full week away from work, Rita and I were ready for vacation.

We had hope and romantic visions of strolling hand in hand on sandy beaches. To be refreshed as we listened to the soothing music of breaking waves and entertained by the locals – sea gulls and other ocean side residents. Hope that we would receive the…
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Getting to the Other Side of Procrastination

“How long has the first Thursday of September been on the calendar?” I ask.

“A very long time,” my inner voice whispered.

I probed further, “And how long has the First Thursday Next Level Leadership Lunch been on the calendar?”

Without judgment, the truthful answer comes out, “Eight months.”

Relentlessly, the reflective exercise continued, “And when did you send the reminder?”

With no place to hide, “Less than a…
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Where you find inspiration doesn’t matter as much as this…

This morning, I saw it again. That overgrown tree continued to thrive, blocking out the light. My patch of Bermuda grass thinned. Erosion began eating away the slope.

I knew what to do. I knew how to do it.

Procrastination had worked before, but not this morning.

“Just do it,” I thought.

No, it wasn’t on my calendar. But on Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM I marched to the…
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