How to counter-attack fear

Alan Webber sat at the end of the boardroom table. After a lot of hard work, he had landed an interview with former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt for Harvard Business Review.

“I’ve got my questions written,” he thought running through his mental checklist. “Recorder is set, last thing I need is a technical glitch and miss this whole thing. Man, this jet lag is killing me –…
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What don’t you see?

Looking outside

To explore the world outside you requires a change of pace and perspective; yes, an open heart and mind.

So, how curious are you about what lies outside you? What about the people you work with, curious about their weekend? What about the work you do, wonder how to be more effective?

What might you be missing?

What inspires and recharges your batteries? Now, how often do you engage in…
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What grabs your attention?

Mark arrived at Denver International Airport and settled-in at Gate A-7. “May I have your attention, please?” the gate attendant’s voice competed with the noisy airport. “There is a gate change for Flight 2356 to Phoenix, it will now depart from Gate B-15.”

Making his way through Terminal B Mark spotted Elway’s where they feature a uniquely Colorado menu. “With a delayed…
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An effective communication secret

Remember those “Can you hear me now?” commercials.

Verizon Wireless posed a question we’ve all asked on our cell phones. You identified with the story and connected with it every time you heard the ad and every time you asked the question while on your cell phone afterward.

Verizon’s marketing message was about reliability – the ability to connect and stay connected. In one…
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Why your productivity sinks

Sam sat down to complete his report. “Stinking weekly reports … I’m great with my customers. This is such a waste of time.”


Sam’s iPhone pierced his thoughts whispering the seductive suggestion: “Something big is in the works; you’ve got mail.” With the speed of a barehanded housefly catcher, Sam grabbed his phone. “I hope Marlene is confirming they’re ready to go on my proposal. What a…
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Do you have the NEW work-life balance?

JobPro’s management team slunk into the room for Thursday’s meeting. Two weeks of 60+ hour work weeks had stolen their engagement.  Most crash-landed in their chairs, some with a sigh. Dave just stood, staring across the room, instead of starting the meeting.  No wonder productivity had dipped.

“You gonna start this so we can get out of here or what?” Marlene snarled

“I’m gettin’ there.  Needed a…
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Do you have what it takes to change?

Your team gathers for the Thursday meeting. Last week’s session was tough, its not easy to own your residence in Stuckville.

So a “friendlier atmosphere” is appreciated. Today team members don’t make the conference table the dividing line between the “Old Timers” and the “new blood”. As each manager give an update, you notice a shift in attitude.

You were encouraged when…
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