Benefitting You More than a Flu Shot

It’s a simple question. People ask it a lot at this time of the year: “Have you had your flu shot?”

“No, I think it made me sick, last year.”

“I’m healthy, no need to be vaccinated.”

“Seriously, the flu is just a cold gone bad.”

“I got one last year, I’m covered.”

These are only a few of the myths attached to…
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The Absurdity That Keeps You Comfortable

Described as a “large, hairy, bipedal humanoid” it’s better known as Bigfoot. The story is folklore, misidentification, and hoax. Scientists consider the creature’s existence absurd; there just isn’t any physical evidence. Woodsmen and campers you can breathe easy.

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What about your adventure?

Cody Townsend took his passion to the next level – a new level. Watch as he straight-lines a vertical chute deep in Alaska’s Tordrillos Mountain Range at about 60 miles per hour.

Cody made that run for a new film, “Days of My Youth.” The movie offers “a unique glimpse into the journey of self-discovery that every skier experiences.”

What will you discover?

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Where do you need peace?

Sy Miller and Jill Jackson were a husband and wife songwriting team. They dreamed of peace and how each person has a responsibility in creating it. As the story goes…

They first introduced (their) song to a group of teenagers selected from their high schools to attend a weeklong retreat in California. The young people were…
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Why Trying to Control Doesn’t Work

“Look, I just want to do my job and want everyone on the team to do what they’re supposed to do. What’s wrong with that?” Robin asked defensively.

“What happens when they don’t do what you want them to do?” I probed.

“Well, I’m frustrated … so frustrated that I either react or just do it myself….
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What if you’ve been burned?

For some it’s a tradition – deep-fried turkey – for others it’s a costly and painful accident. They get burned!

Speaking of pain, did you know Texas wins the dubious title of: most grease and cooking-related accident claims on Thanksgiving Day? According to State Farm Insurance the top five are Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and…
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Gratitude the Grease for Life

This week, I offer a quick reminder in support of your Thanksgiving Day celebration. Actually, this simple exercise is effective whenever you need to shift your thinking about your Story or someone in your Story.

Perhaps you are frustrated because of unfulfilled expectations. Maybe you dropped the ball or missed the mark. Or something happened in your Story that “isn’t fair.”

Create space…
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