Reflection – The Accelerator of Success

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How are you accelerating your personal success?  

This week, I continue sharing from a recent group coaching session, “The Path of Continued Success”.

The fact that you are reading this indicates you are enjoying a level of success in life. 

In last week’s article I explored the pace of life these days.  There’s no question, most people are living a crazy, fast, ‘speed of light’ lifestyle. 

There is price to be paid for this pace.  It shows up in the decline of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health…lack of direction, an out-of-balance work-life, excessive stress or relationship strain.  Everything seems to happen faster, develop faster, change faster.

How do you accelerate personal growth

Growth indicates greater maturity and the associated ability to manage life; and the reward?  Greater peace, joy, happiness, fulfillment, engagement, and love along the journey.  Remember Principle #1 from last week:

The way to accelerate personal growth is to slow life down.

Once you take steps to “slow life down”, how do you accelerate success?

Here’s what the coaching group said;

  • Learn from others
  • Pay attention to your inner self
  • Gain knowledge
  • Seek out  and embrace opportunities for experience
  • Listen and pay attention to surroundings
  • Develop a hunger and dig
  • Urgency + Accountability + Time
  • Be a sponge
  • Learn from those around me

Here is my soon to be famous quote,

“The Best Predictor of Continued Success is the ability and willingness to learn and change achieved through consistent reflection on the Story.” 

As you re-read it what do you notice, hear, or feel in that statement?  What do you think?

When you engage your head and heart in careful thought about your Story you will discover truth; truth will liberate you from limiting behaviors bringing growth; growth leads to improved performance and results; success happens. 

To summarize,

  1. The way to accelerate personal growth is to slow life down
  2. Life requires consistent reflection

Consistent reflection is the repeated task of giving careful thought to what’s going on in life…the story.  Creating time for reflective thinking and writing allows you to reconsider previous actions, events, decisions, feedback, experience, success, or failure…the story.

What is your reward from reflecting on the story?

Truth.  By that I simply mean that which is aligned with the facts or reality.  Only when you discover the truth, will you live in freedom. 

How does the old saying go?  If you tell the truth, you have nothing to fear…you are free.

Fear-based emotions trigger limiting behavior which undermine continued success.  Consistent reflection on the story brings truth and truth gives freedom as you take responsibility doing the right thing, for the right reasons.

When do you create time and place for reflection?  How consistent are you? 

What would you like to happen?  How will get there? 

What’s so doable it’s laughable…? 10 minutes a day, in the morning, at lunch or in the evening?  Where will you create space for consistent reflection?

How does this post help you?  

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