The Myth of Consensus

Pad Locks on Fence Unsplash SylwiaBartyzel

“So we’re all in agreement with the proposed commission changes,” Julie asked her sales team. Everyone nodded without looking up from the report.

In the break room Mike dumped his cold coffee unable to hold back any longer, “Julie’s plan is really going to hurt my pay check next year. Can you believe we’re changing commission structure…again?”

“That’s how she operates,” Amy agonized. “I just don’t trust her…

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The Foundation of Team Performance

Steve Rock Climbing with Belay

“Samantha* is here to help us work together as a team,” Al beamed.

Samantha gazed on plastic smiles and quiet, nodding heads.  She knew their performance had been dismal.  She needed to find out if they trusted each other or were just being polite.

Following appropriate niceties, Samantha went for the breakthrough exercise. “For our first activity, I want you to go around the room and tell each…

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Where you find inspiration doesn’t matter as much as this…

Tomorrow Starts Now - Nike Just Do It

This morning, I saw it again. That overgrown tree continued to thrive, blocking out the light. My patch of Bermuda grass thinned. Erosion began eating away the slope.

I knew what to do. I knew how to do it.

Procrastination had worked before, but not this morning.

“Just do it,” I thought.

No, it wasn’t on my calendar. But on Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM I marched to the…

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But is it possible?


Forty-seven minutes of the playoff game was history. Only 49 seconds remained on the clock during Game 5 of round two of the Western Conference NBA Playoffs. The visiting Los Angeles Clippers held a 104 – 97 lead over the OKC Thunder.

Hope of a Thunder win was improbable. How could they pull it off? Was it even possible? Fan frustration with another loss –…

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What grabs your attention?

Mark arrived at Denver International Airport and settled-in at Gate A-7. “May I have your attention, please?” the gate attendant’s voice competed with the noisy airport. “There is a gate change for Flight 2356 to Phoenix, it will now depart from Gate B-15.”

Making his way through Terminal B Mark spotted Elway’s where they feature a uniquely Colorado menu. “With a delayed…

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Why your productivity sinks

Sam sat down to complete his report. “Stinking weekly reports … I’m great with my customers. This is such a waste of time.”


Sam’s iPhone pierced his thoughts whispering the seductive suggestion: “Something big is in the works; you’ve got mail.” With the speed of a barehanded housefly catcher, Sam grabbed his phone. “I hope Marlene is confirming they’re ready to go on my proposal. What a…

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Do you have the NEW work-life balance?

JobPro’s management team slunk into the room for Thursday’s meeting. Two weeks of 60+ hour work weeks had stolen their engagement.  Most crash-landed in their chairs, some with a sigh. Dave just stood, staring across the room, instead of starting the meeting.  No wonder productivity had dipped.

“You gonna start this so we can get out of here or what?” Marlene snarled

“I’m gettin’ there.  Needed a…

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