Why Can’t You Hide It?

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Heather is a valuable employee of an international beauty products company. We met for coffee to discuss a challenge she was having with work. Despite her company’s overall mission to promote harmony between people by enhancing the way we live and interact with each other, Heather wasn’t feeling the harmony in her experience with her manager.

Over the past six years, Heather had developed herself from an…

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Do You Know My Name?

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“You know my name!”

That was the response Jennifer, in accounting, received from a frontline employee. What did she do? All she did was respond to his request with the words, “Your name is Mark, right?”

Why did Mark give such an emotional response?

“You know my name!” reveals a lot to the discerning leader of people. What do you see or hear in his words?

Here are…

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Do you have the NEW work-life balance?

JobPro’s management team slunk into the room for Thursday’s meeting. Two weeks of 60+ hour work weeks had stolen their engagement.  Most crash-landed in their chairs, some with a sigh. Dave just stood, staring across the room, instead of starting the meeting.  No wonder productivity had dipped.

“You gonna start this so we can get out of here or what?” Marlene snarled

“I’m gettin’ there.  Needed a…

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Why just show up?

Going the extra mile counts.

What happens when someone gives more effort than is expected? And when your waiter does more than required?

People who go the extra mile are in the minority in today’s workplace. Gallup’s recent worldwide survey reports that only 13% of employees are engaged in their jobs.

Where are you?

Here are Gallup’s definitions. What do you see?

  • Engaged. You work…

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  • Why employees plan to leave


    How many high performers intend to stay with your company? Where will they be one year from now?

    The collision between “the need to reinvest in development and a disgruntled workforce ready to jump ship,” is pending according to Chief Learning Officer.

    Employee engagement can be obstructed by the expectation to do more with less, down sizing and reorganization challenges, benefit…

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    What’s the Business of Business?

    Clark Kent Door Superman Exit

    This executive coaching client is a rising star in his company. 

    Working in a Fortune 100 company with 300,000 employees, Jonathan (not his real name) has consistently received high performance marks and has for 12 years.  He is acknowledged for adding value to the company and consistently promoted from entry level to a senior manager role. 

    With each promotion he received the standard 5% pay increase.

    Recently, his boss was…

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    Pace – The Accelerator of Success

    Photo by Xlibber

    What is the pace of your life these days?  

    That is the question I posed last week during a group coaching session. We were about to discuss “The Path to Future Success” — what is the pace of your life? 

    Here are the some of the responses those leaders gave: