Seeing More than a Collision

Photo by Sonny Abesamis

The stop light says, “Go” at 71st and Sheridan. But before accelerating you look both ways for the driver who didn’t beat the yellow light. Defensive driving, we call it. It’s defined as “driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of conditions around you and the actions of others.” The aim is to reduce the risks of accidents by “anticipating dangerous situations.”

Defensive driving is…

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What Have You Forgotten?



“What do you do at work?” Howard’s daughter asked.

“I work at the college. My job is to teach people how to draw.”

Staring at him with the wide eyes and mature curiosity of a 7-year-old she had to know, “You mean they forget?”

Do you remember?

Given the pace of your life, the chaos of work, and the distractions of our information…

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How to Win on One of Those Days 

Joshua Earle via UpSplashphoto -

Your long awaited vacation is mere days away. Carly Simon’s hit song, “Anticipation” — although unrelated to your life — becomes your theme song.

You imagine sunrise walks with stunning picture-perfect moments … moments when you devour delicious local food; so fresh, so good. Calmed by the sounds of nature, you plan to power up with an afternoon nap.

How do you feel?

But, (don’t you hate it when…

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What about your adventure?

Writing Rubin Starset via flickr

Cody Townsend took his passion to the next level – a new level. Watch as he straight-lines a vertical chute deep in Alaska’s Tordrillos Mountain Range at about 60 miles per hour.

Cody made that run for a new film, “Days of My Youth.” The movie offers “a unique glimpse into the journey of self-discovery that every skier experiences.”

What will you discover?

Today, an adventure awaits you….

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What if you’ve been burned?

Greased Gears Rob Brewer flickr

For some it’s a tradition – deep-fried turkey – for others it’s a costly and painful accident. They get burned!

Speaking of pain, did you know Texas wins the dubious title of: most grease and cooking-related accident claims on Thanksgiving Day? According to State Farm Insurance the top five are Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York.

Yep, more cooking fires occurred in Texas on Thanksgiving…

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Gratitude the Grease for Life

Gears Mike Hoff

This week, I offer a quick reminder in support of your Thanksgiving Day celebration. Actually, this simple exercise is effective whenever you need to shift your thinking about your Story or someone in your Story.

Perhaps you are frustrated because of unfulfilled expectations. Maybe you dropped the ball or missed the mark. Or something happened in your Story that “isn’t fair.”

Create space to build perspective, to think,…

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How to counter-attack fear

Alan Webber sat at the end of the boardroom table. After a lot of hard work, he had landed an interview with former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt for Harvard Business Review.

“I’ve got my questions written,” he thought running through his mental checklist. “Recorder is set, last thing I need is a technical glitch and miss this whole thing. Man, this jet lag is killing me –…

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