Feedback: Entering the Story


Whether you believe the CBS series Undercover Boss is over-produced, brings value, or is cheesy the stories are often compelling. A recent episode features Belfor Restoration; what a message!

Who wants some feedback?

The show clearly illustrates a core leadership practice: listen to the story and you will hear helpful feedback

Some CEO’s are going undercover?Who would be on your short list  for such an experience? 

The CBS series, UNDERCOVER BOSS follows a different executive as they leave the comfort of their…

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Assumptions, Judgment and Opportunity

assume bordered

How do you stop making assumptions about others?

Last week, I was in Cincinnati for the annual Sherpa Coaching Conference as part of my re-certification.  The group was large enough and the schedule full enough that it was impossible to connect with everyone.  I only knew a few people.

After the conference, I grabbed a bite to eat at the airport with a coaching friend from Dallas.  As we finished…

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Listening: Foundation of Leadership Success

Before our appointment was over, this professional . . .

* jumped to multiple conclusions
* leveled unfounded accusations regarding our integrity and
motives, and
* successfully pushed one emotionally and physically weary human
being to the brink, resulting in more emotional pain and tears.

His assumptive approach succeeded in what most assumptions do best…