Uncomfortable Growth

“The reality is we’ve gone from an average football team to a good football team; to a great football team and we’ve worked hard to do those things…but we’re not an elite football team, yet.”

The ninth-ranked Nittany Lions had just lost to No. 4 Ohio State University, 27-26. In his postgame press conference, Head Coach James Franklin took responsibility and cast a vision for Penn State’s football program.


The Wisdom of Sand

When I turned 50, I boldly proclaimed, “50 is the NEW 40!” 

I believed it.

Last week, I used Medicare for the first time at Oschner Chiropractic Centre. It was on my birthday; yes, that one. 

Last week, I heard myself repeating, “When I turned 50, I said ’50 is the new 40.’ Let me tell you, 65 is NOT the new 55.” (Smiles and laughter.)

I believed…

How Leaders Help

 Who needs help?

Frankly, it’s been a “season” of life for me. A lot of “Life happens” stuff has happened. I’ll spare you the details. I know “everybody has a Story” and the point is not to compare notes, the purpose is to acknowledge the reality of life. The Journey includes disruption, resistance, opposition, distractions, setbacks, and breakthroughs. The uncertainty of the world affects our lives, work, families, and…

The Four Commitments of High-Performance Organizations

Which $10 billion franchise is predicted to challenge Starbucks in the fast-food experience?

If you think Chick-fil-A, Mark Kalinowski of Kalinowski Equity Research agrees. “Can they reach $30 billion? I think that’s a realistic goal if you give them enough time,” Kalinowski told Business Insider. Starbucks, with $20.49 billion, is in second place to McDonald’s $38.52 billion No. 1 spot.

Three good reasons

According to Business Insider’s, Steven John,…

Your Biggest Leadership Opportunity

What is your top leadership challenge?

According to an international study conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership, there are six common challenges. Which do you identify with the most?

  • Developing managerial effectiveness — skills such as time management, prioritizing, decision making, etc.
  • Inspiring others
  • Developing employees — mentoring and coaching others
  • Leading a team
  • Guiding change
  • Managing internal stakeholders, relationships, politics, and image
  • In my work as an executive…

    The Three Creations of Leadership

    It’s easy to become so well-adjusted to the culture that we fit into it without even thinking. Sixty-years ago, a leisurely lifestyle indicated someone’s success. Now, there is a subtle shift toward busyness. 

    “How are you?” has become a casual greeting and superficial question. What’s the “correct” answer? I’m so…? Busy. Everyday people shine their busy badges and pin them on like a name tag. But why?

    In the Harvard…