Uncomfortable Growth

“The reality is we’ve gone from an average football team to a good football team; to a great football team and we’ve worked hard to do those things…but we’re not an elite football team, yet.”

The ninth-ranked Nittany Lions had just lost to No. 4 Ohio State University, 27-26. In his postgame press conference, Head Coach James Franklin took responsibility and cast a vision for Penn State’s football program.


How Leaders Help

 Who needs help?

Frankly, it’s been a “season” of life for me. A lot of “Life happens” stuff has happened. I’ll spare you the details. I know “everybody has a Story” and the point is not to compare notes, the purpose is to acknowledge the reality of life. The Journey includes disruption, resistance, opposition, distractions, setbacks, and breakthroughs. The uncertainty of the world affects our lives, work, families, and…

How to See Better


“Life has piled up on me,” Sara confided in me. “I don’t know how much Tom has told you…”

“Not much,” I assured her.

“That’s fine. It doesn’t matter. My life outside of here is affecting my performance at work. I’m sure that’s why I’m talking to you.”

“Actually, your manager and the owner care about you,” I responded. “What’s going on?”

“A lot of stuff … my…

The Gap

“It’s been weeks since Diane, and I’ve connected,” Joe said to me during our 1on1 coaching session. 

Joe plays a crucial role in the business. Diane is his manager.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“That’s the point, I’m not sure. I feel out of touch, disconnected. While I want to be confident and believe I’m doing a good job, I feel anxious, unsure of myself…you know. I’d like to…

Where Has Fear Got You?

“We’ll head to the swimming cove,” David explained. He was the captain of our lake-worthy vessel. “It’s a spring-fed cove. You’ll enjoy pockets of cool water; it’s very refreshing on a hot day like today,” he continued. Dave didn’t know of my deep respect for water. To be clear, I like water in a bottle, a glass, a tub, a hot tub, a pool, a lake, even the…

Forget Multitasking, Pay Attention

“What did I come in here to get?” I mumbled under my breath, pausing to refocus on my mission.

During the presentation, I said, “The fourth step is…” when a loud noise at the back of the room interrupted my thought which created a long pause as I searched for the elusive word.

Can you remember how often you “forget” something?

Brain time shares

For your…